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We believe in the one Triune God and in his infallible written-word. We confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead. 

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Our goal is to make Christian Theology accessible, relatable, and practical in order to deepen intimacy with God and neighbor.

Oct. 2020 - Issue 3



     Drew Friesen

     Phillip Hanson

     Anderson Hultgren

     Marcus McClain

     Zach Mashburn

     Amar D. Peterman

     James Spencer

     Jeramy Too


     Drew Friesen

     Anderson Hultgren


Editor's Forward

Drew Friesen

As the 2020 election approaches, Drew Friesen gives insight into what theology has to offer to the political world, and ways that the subject can be discussed without division in the Church . . . [Continue Reading] 

Biblical Theology

Leaving Uncle Sam's Bedchamber

Marcus McClain

Surely, politics effects our everyday life. For the Christian, many questions arise. Biblically, how should we approach politics, view our nation, and  steward our vote well? Find out in this . . . [Continue Reading] 

Practical Theology

Fear and Evangelical Politics 

Phillip Hanson

In a time where fear is often eased through politics, how should the Evangelical Christian move forward in the political sphere? Phillip Hanson thoughtfully analyzes this subject in th . . . [Continue Reading] 

Christian History

What D.L. Moody Taught me About Tribalism

Amar D. Peterman

As Amar D. Peterman studies at Princeton, he researches his old alma mater's namesake D.L. Moody, Finding the great evangelist's perspective on politics, Amar digests and communicates what  D.L. Moody taught him about Tribalism . . . [Continue Reading] 

Current Affairs

Four Problems with Politics and the Church

Jeremy Too


Why has politics has clashed so hard with Theology? Jeremy Too details four large resonsons for the clash, attempting to communicate a resolution for the American Christian church in this . . . [Continue Reading]

Biblical Theology


God Appoints, We Choose?

Dr. James Spencer

While the American flavor of democracy may be relatively new, the ancient tension between the believer and the state continues to be played out in our faith communities. Dr. Spenser examines steps to ensure that we are properly living out our theological destiny within a politically oriented world, and also what it means to ask the right questions. [Continue Reading] 

American Statistics

Abortion Pt. 1:

A Spectrum of Opinions

Anderson Hultgren

A dichotomy has been made on the abortion debate; either you are ProLife or ProChoice. However, this distinction is inaccurate and until certain problems are addressed no conclusion will be made for the innocent unborn . . . [Continue Reading] 

The Biblical Response 

Abortion Pt. 2:

Change for Right Decisions

Anderson Hultgren

ProLifers have long raged and lamented the unborn genocide. The question remains, what does the Bible have to teach us when approaching the abortion debate? Anderson Hultgren find the Biblical conclusion in this article . . . [Continue Reading]

Book Review


Politicians in the Pews

Zachary Mashburn

The political debate has become a political war. Subjects are weaponized and opponents are demonized, dividing the country with stark contrast. The national division has crept its way into the pulpits and pews. How do we move forward against such division? Zachary Mashburn tackles this issue, reviewing and pointing to Gavin Ortlund’s 2020 book, Finding the Right Hills to Die On: The Case for Theological Triage . . . [Continue Reading] 

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