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We believe in the one Triune God and in his infallible written-word. We confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead. 

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Our goal is to make Christian Theology accessible, relatable, and practical in order to deepen intimacy with God and neighbor.

Sep. 2020 - Issue 2



     Nate Dunn

     Drew Friesen

     Chris Hansen

     Phillip Hanson

     Anderson Hultgren

     Marcus McClain

     Amar D. Peterman

     James Spencer


     Drew Friesen

     Anderson Hultgren

     Charlie Snyder



Why Justice?

Anderson Hultgren

In a world where justice is handled largely by our government, why choose  a subject like justice? See what our Co-Editor-in-Chief has to say concerning the importance of Christian justice and why we are addressing this theological issue[Continue Reading]

Poetic Justice


A Poem of Lament

Drew Friesen

One of the greatest difficulties with injustice is our relationship with it. Drew Friesen expresses the sorrow that comes from that relationship through the medium of poetry . . . [Continue Reading] 

Social Justice


A Gospel Issue?

The Gospel's Response to Social Justice

Marcus McClain

The heated topic  of  'Social Justice' is sure to divide a room. Whether supporting or opposing Social Justice,  each side seems more enraged than the other. What is the gospel's response to Social Justice? Taking a step from the flames, Marcus McClain analyzes this hyper-politicized subject through a Biblical-lens. Where each voice yells so loud, what does the small-whisper of God's Word have to say on Social Justice?  [Continue Reading] 

Exclusion and Embrace

Lenses of Liberation

and Love

Anderson Hultgren

How do we even approach pursuing justice? Is it even our place? Anderson Hultgren addresses the foundational values which root righteousness and justice, connecting the Biblical definitions and their intertwined nature . . . [Continue Reading] 


Being Rightly Angry

Chris Hansen

Is anger simply the response to perceived injustice, and if so, can we ever rightly respond with anger? Chris Hansen tackles anger's moral complexities through a Biblical and Theological lense . . . [Continue Reading] 

Standards of Justice


Justice and the Body of Christ

Dr. James Spencer

In a globalized world, the truth becomes harder and harder to find. Each day new information and misinformation abound, sounding much like a dystopian fiction or apocalyptic writing. Confusion rises with differing opinions and standards of justice. In this article, Dr. James Spencer addresses the state of justice, truth, and the Body of Christ.  [Continue Reading] 


The Lie of Peace

Phillip Hanson

Is peace free? How do we abstract peace and its relationship with justice. Using narrative, Phillip Hanson theologically finds the conclusion for peace and justice  . . . [Continue Reading] 

Theology of Suffering

Suffering and Justice

Nate Dunn

Current Christianity often pursues 'positivity' and 'encouragement.' These two make it difficult to face our suffering and attend to the suffering in others. Confronting the issue, Nate Dunn parses out the the biblical response to suffering and . . . [Continue Reading]



A Lament

For the American Church

Amar D. Peterman

As a closing benediction, we leave you with this lament. Where many wish to avoid lament, grief, and other (so-called) "negative" expressions, the scriptures instruct us to lament and grieve unto God (2 Cor. 7:9). Amar D. Peterman's following lament addresses the state of our nation and church before the Lord.  [Continue Reading] 

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