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Aug. 2020 - Issue 1

Into Today


     Nate Dunn

     Drew Friesen

     Chris Hansen

     Anderson Hultgren

     Zachery Mashburn 


     Drew Friesen

     Anderson Hultgren


     Skyler Gerald

Into Today


  Drew Friesen


  Anderson Hultgren

Photo by Skyler Gerald of WTM



Hearing His Voice Today

Drew Friesen

How do we know that we're hearing God's voice? Further, how do we know that God's way is best . . . [Continue Reading] 


Am I a White Man?

Chris Hansen

Explore Chris Hansen's theological art piece  where he works out the ideology of 'Whiteness'   . . . [Continue Reading] 


Give Us This Day

Anderson Hultgren

Prayer can be difficult. This article theologically examines three of Jesus's prayers within the gospel of Matthew . . . [Continue Reading] 

Liturgical Theology

Implementation of Liturgical Imagery in the Protestant Tradition

Zachery Mashburn

Why does the Protestant Church not use imagery? This article examines that very subject and . . . 

[Continue Reading] 


Love and Marriage: Singleness

Nate Dunn

How have we viewed singleness, and how has God viewed singleness throughout the Bible? The answer may surprise you . . . [Continue Reading] 



Editor's Note

Anderson Hultgren

Into Today may not appear in many Scholarly Journals or thematic magazines. What we mean by Into Today is . . . [Continue Reading] 

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