A Word from Moody Center

Edited by James Spencer

Photo Courtesy of Moody Center

By Emmitt Mitchell

Published November 1st, 2020


Since 1878, Northfield, Massachusetts has had a significant role in the growth of Christianity in New England, the United States and the world. Born and raised in Northfield, Dwight Lyman Moody returned from Chicago, started two preparatory schools to train Christian workers and missionaries, and held summer conferences where prominent Christian leaders were guest speakers. The impact of Mr. Moody and the campus is difficult to overestimate. 


With only a fifth-grade education, Dwight L. Moody, America's greatest evangelist, reached more than 100 million people with the gospel. He personally engaged and discipled thousands of Christian leaders. He sponsored the studies of many students at Northfield Seminary and Mt. Hermon School who went on to have a great impact on the world for the gospel. God gave D.L. Moody an outstanding ministry...we are praying that the would use Moody Center to add to those numbers. 


In recent decades the spiritual impact of Christianity in New England has warned, yet, there remains a vital Christian community. Working alongside embattled, faithful believers in New England and beyond, Moody Center's aim is to be the catalyst for spiritual renewal in and through the church in New England and beyond. By bringing the church together for encouragement, growth and equipping, Moody Center will build on the legacy of D.L. Moody for transformation through discipleship and evangelism. 


Moody Center's Northfield property is an ideal place for God's people to hear his voice and for nonbelievers to marvel at God's creation as they encounter the gospel through Moody Center's events, prayer walk, and legacy experience. This property was built to do God's work. We believe God is not yet done with Moody, with Northfield, or with us


As an independent non-profit organized based in Northfield, MA, Moody Center feels a deep sense of responsibility to pursue this mission of continuing Dwight Moody's legacy of transformation with zeal and excellence. I would like to personally invite you to come to visit us at the Northfield campus and to contribute to the Moody Center mission of inspiring and preparing the church to carry on the legacy of D.L. Moody. I hope that you will enjoy the devotional content included in this magazine. And I would invite you to connect with us online, join with us in prayer, and learn with us as we make much of God by telling the story of Dwight L. Moody, a man from Northfield. 



Emmitt Mitchell, President of Moody Center

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