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Why Justice? [Editorial]

Sep. 2020 - Issue 2

In a world where justice is handled largely by our government, why choose a subject like justice? See what our Co-Editor-in-Chief has to say . . . [Continue Reading]


Lenses of Liberation and Love

Sep. 2020 - Issue 2

How do we even approach pursuing justice? Is it even our place? Anderson Hultgren addresses the foundational values which . . . [Continue Reading]


Give Us This Day: Theology Through Jesus’s Prayers

Aug. 2020 - Issue 1

You may have heard the common phrase, “God is not a vending machine,” but why is that? Should I not ask for what I want? And how should I pray? Prayer becomes further complicated while pondering when (and how . . . [Continue Reading]

Into Today: Editor's Note

Aug. 2020 - Issue 1

Into Today may not appear in many Scholarly Journals or thematic magazines. What we mean by Into Today is . . . [Continue Reading]


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